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Hand-made with love.

Handcrafted small batch doughnuts, cakes, and baked goods. Order for pick up from our Greytown kitchen and pop up bike locations. Or let us bring Bicycle Kitchen to your special event, serving gelato and doughnuts from our beautiful Pashley tricycles.



Made by hand with a brioche dough in small batches with the freshest house made custards, jams, and fillings.

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Our cakes are rustic and imperfect and most importantly 100% delicious focused on beautiful ingredients, texture, and flavour.


Scrolls and Babka

Our brioche goodness is baked into aromatic cinnamon scrolls with various toppings and delicious chocolate Nutella babka.


Our Story

Bicycle Kitchen was created from a love of baking homely, rustic simple pleasures made lovingly from scratch with beautiful ingredients that people want to eat again and again. My perfectly imperfect food creations are an edible expression of love, bringing people together and creating memories. Food is about joy and community, I love that Bicycle Kitchen unites people and loved ones through delicious treats and hopefully spreads some joy and love along the way.


Weddings and Special Events

Are you planning a wedding or celebration and thinking about a unique dessert option? Let us roll in on our tricycles serving your guests gelato or doughnuts while providing a memorable experience and stunning photo opportunities. We can do doughnut bars, doughnut walls, doughnut cakes or provide unlimited scoop after scoop of locally sourced gelato.